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John Bean Sewer Jetters help you tackle the grimiest jobs with ease. Our Jetters are safe, efficient, reliable and easy to operate while keeping sewers and drains clean and clear year-round. Whether for routine cleaning and maintenance or emergencies, John Bean Sewer Jetters blast through debris quickly and easily.

The John Bean Sewer Jetter requires only one operator and tows easily behind most standard duty pickup trucks. The operator can control all functions of the unit while still focusing on the work. A hydraulically-driven hose reel, mounted on an optional precision milled bearing system, allows the user easy access to the line regardless of vehicle location.

John Bean Sewer Jetters can also be utilized to help extend the life of your outdoor machinery and equipment. Using the auxiliary wash-down hose outlet allows you to remove mud, grass, and other debris from your dozers, graders, mowers, and vehicles. Then, bring the Jetter indoors to clean and prepare surfaces for painting, industrial cleaning, and general plant maintenance.

It doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or outdoors, the beginning or end of the day, your John Bean™ Jetter is ready to get the job done.

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