350 SewerJet™

The 350 Sewer Jetter is a powerful machine that embodies the true legacy of John Bean™ Jetters . . . simplicity, durability and functionality. The John Bean™ Sewer Jetter features multiple engine and pump options while remaining extremely simple and efficient to operate. It requires only one operator and tows easily behind any standard duty pickup. A hydraulically-driven hose reel, mounted on an optional precision milled bearing system, provides the user easy access to the line regardless of vehicle location. A 2½” water fill system with air gap allows for quick hydrant filling while protecting the potable water supply. Many options are available that will allow you to customize your Jetter. The John Bean™ 350 Sewer Jetter will meet all your requirements.



SJ354020 - 350 gallon, Hatz Diesel & Giant water pump, 40 gpm@2000psi

SJ351840 - 350 gallon, Hatz Diesel & Giant water pump, 18 gpm@4000psi


One, 350 gallon (1325 liters) tank

LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) black poly tank

UV inhibitor which prevents the development of plant growth (i.e. algae, mold, etc.)

An overhead air-gap fill and a curbside 2½” brass fire hydrant fitting for easy and safe refill

Cold weather recirculation system for low temperature operation

Hose reel capacity is 600’ of ½” high pressure hose (capacity upgrade available to 800’)


All engines have a digital electronic control panel that presents an hour meter, oil pressure, voltage and throttle control

All control cabinets come standard with a beacon switch, ignition switch, water pressure gauge, reel speed control, reel in/out, emergency stop and electric clutch (water on/off)


Single axle 7000# GVWR (3171 kg)

LT235/85R16 12-ply tires

Electric brakes

2-5/16” ball hitch

DOT approved rubber mounted LED lights

PPG Commercial Performance silver paint (trailer and reel)


16 gallon aluminum diamond plate fuel tank


Beacon Light

Auxiliary outlet with cutoff piped to curbside for optional wash down system

12 volt battery

Hydraulic temperature gauge

Heavy-duty hose guide

Heavy-duty pressure regulator

Engine shroud

One each 20° and 30° cleaning nozzle, one heavy duty 15” tubular nozzle extension and one heavy duty Tiger Tail


One-year parts and labor

5-year tank material defect

2-years for engine



400’ @ 2500 psi
500’ @ 2500 psi
600’ @ 2500 psi
500’ @ 3000 psi
600’ @ 3000 psi
Leader hose @ 10’ or 20’ long


20° FPT cleaning nozzle
30° FPT cleaning nozzle
KEG™ sewer nozzle package, 40 gpm @ 2000 psi with 600’ hose includes:
100013-C traction nozzle
100056-C triple edge quatro nozzle
100102-C sewer flush nozzle
5-jet culvert nozzle
Chain cutter kit, up to 8”
Warthog nozzle
Heavy-duty finned nozzle skid extension
Nozzle rack

General Accessories:

Rotating hose reel, swing bearing
Drain valves for water pump (recommended for cold climates)
Pulsation system
Reel-mounted hose footage meter
Level wind mounted footage meter
John Bean™ True Count digital footage meter
Wireless 4 function remote
Cone holder
Upper manhole roller
Lower hose guide
Tiger Tail hose guide 3’ x 3”
Pintle hitch adapter
Hydraulic pressure gauge
Fender-mounted tool box (steel) - 4’ or 6’ long
Fender-mounted tool box (aluminum) - 4’ or 6’ long
Spare tire assembly
12v plug-in spotlight
Dual rear-mounted spotlight
Dual 12v outlets
Spotlight self-retracting 25’ cord (mounted)
LED Arrow Stick assembly
Jack wheel


Giant positive displacement 40 gpm @ 2000 psi
Giant positive displacement 18 gpm @ 4000 psi

(All have 2 year warranty)

John Deere diesel, 80 hp for 40 gpm @ 2000 psi
Ford gas, 69 hp for 18 gpm @ 4000 psi
Ford gas, 95 hp for 40 gpm @ 3000 psi

HOSE, ½”:

400’ @ 4000 psi
500’ @ 4000 psi
600’ @ 4000 psi
Leader hose @ 10’ long


KEG™ sewer nozzle package, 18 gpm @ 4000 psi with 500’ hose includes:
100011-C traction nozzle
100054-C triple edge quattro nozzle
100101-C sewer flush nozzle
Rotor nozzle
Mini cutter kit 4”, 6” & 8”
Warthog nozzle WS
Heavy-duty finned nozzle extension

Auxiliary Hose Reels, Mounting Kits and Guns:

25' Self-retracting hose reel (does not include hose)
50' Self-retracting hose reel (does not include hose)
Electric hose reel for 200’ of ½” hose
Emergency reel crank
Model 705 gun (800 psi max)
Model 785 gun (800 psi max)
25’ or 50’ x ½” washdown hose
25’ fire hydrant refill hose
Hose quick connect (washdown)
Hydrant wrench
24” manhole cover hook
Garden hose refill adaptor ¾”
Lateral line cleaning kit (nozzle included)

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